M: Hola Uli! Que tal?

U: Hola Matteo!

M: How was the project born?

U: Igual_ment_diferentes was born from a call from the FAD( El foment dels Arts i del Disseny) and an event in 2004, called “Forum de las Culturas”. It's an event that kind of got forgotten about over the years, and was born from an idea of Pasqual Margall, who wanted to move the city forward through a big event. After the Olympic Games in 1992, Margall wanted to organize the Olympics of Cultures and this big event took place in the Forum area, and it was spectacular. The FAD had space and it was asked to organize an exhibition about multiculture and design. Juli Capella wanted to showcase objects that have been created in different cultures, showing that they are used for the same purpose but the designs are different. It’s a topic that was introduced by Franz Boas, a German-American Anthropologist, who said that different cultures, with a different climate and different social levels, develop different ways and different techniques to solve the same problems and necessities.