A research and book about social and cultural differences analysed through chairs and communal sittings.

Combining a travel passion and product design background CCC will study the ritual of gathering and getting together, portraying the people and the furniture they use in 8 different countries. It’s an exploration that lies between social and technical aspects of furniture. Establishing a triangle between CCC, the artisans and a local design/architect studio, they will produce a chair in each country together with the local studio,showing a physical portfolio of chairs that expresses the cultural differences analysed during the project.
At the end of the research stage, CCC will collaborate with a graphic design studio to print a 300 pages book with visual descriptions of diverse cultures and furniture, as well as an online open source web with collaborative research on designs and artisans. The whole research will be the starting point of an itinerant exhibition.


Matteo Guarnaccia, Sicilian designer based in Europe.


-Design Indaba 


-Diari Ara

-Casa Vogue
-Lamono Magazine
-Spotify Intangible podcast
-Olhares Editora
-Revista Gatopardo
-Design Boom
-Elle Decor Italia
-AD China
-Paperplanes India
-Verve Magazine
-Conde Nast Traveler
- Timein


-CCC launching at Arts SantaMonica Barcelona, Spain _2018

-CCC launching at ZO Catania, Italy _2018

-CCC Brazil exhibition at Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro MAM _2018

-CCC Mexico exhibition at Archivo Design in Mexico City _2018

-CCC Indonesia exhibition at Macan Museum in Jakarta, Indonesia _2019

-CCC China exhibition at Ziwu Gallery in Shanghai, China _2019

-CCC India exhibition at National Gallery of Modern Art of Mumbai, India _2019

-CCC Nigeria exhibition at African Artists Foundation in Lagos, Nigeria _2019

-Thursday Talk about CCC at Mesura Barcelona, Spain_2019

-Col·laboració versus Resistència, part of Victor Papanek Exhibition by Vitra Museum at the Barcelona Design Museum, Spain_2020