A research and a book about social and cultural differences analysed through chairs and ways of sittings.

People, they move, build, work, connect, bend, birth, wreck and sit. CCC took steps in eight of the most populated countries in the world in eight months in order to better understand the social and cultural differences analyzed through chairs. Matteo Guarnaccia, a Sicilian designer, went around the world to portray each local culture in one chair, collaborating with native design studios and their artisans.
Sitting is a common necessity, but do we approach it in the same way? Is the way of gathering changing according to a globalized attitude to consuming design? Can the act of sitting be transcendent, active and powerful? Or is the use of a chair a random, mundane behaviour? Is the chair a possible physical result of colonization? How do chairs impact humans on a global scale? Does asking these questions matter?

Special thanks to: Sofia Alazraki

Project by:

Matteo Guarnaccia, Sicilian designer based in Europe.


-CCC launching at Arts SantaMonica Barcelona, Spain _2018

-CCC launching at ZO Catania, Italy _2018

-CCC Brazil exhibition at Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro _2018

-CCC Mexico exhibition at Archivo Design in Mexico City _2018

-CCC Indonesia exhibition at Macan Museum in Jakarta, Indonesia _2019

-CCC China exhibition at Ziwu Gallery in Shanghai, China _2019

-CCC India exhibition at National Gallery of Modern Art of Mumbai, India _2019

-CCC Nigeria exhibition at African Artists Foundation in Lagos, Nigeria _2019

-Thursday Talk about CCC at Mesura Barcelona, Spain_2019

-Col·laboració versus Resistència, part of Victor Papanek Exhibition by Vitra Museum at the Barcelona Design Museum, Spain_2020

-Installation and talk at (un)Social Design Museum, by Onomatopee part of the Dutch Design Week 2020, Eindhoven, The Netherlands_2020

-Class at the Politecnico di Milano, part of Design Master of Science Degree, Integrated Product Design “Design Narratives”_2020

-CCC China Chair part of Victoria & Albert Museum Shenzen’s Exhibition “ Values of Design, China in the Making” _2020

-Onomatopee 193 Book Launching at the kiosk in Conde Romanones, Madrid_2021

-Book presentation at Libros Mutantes, Madrid_2021

-Part of the exhibition“CULTURAL AFFAIRS. Art without borders“ at Museum für Angewandte Kunst of Leipzig, Germany_2021

-CCC exhibition during the Milano Design Week 2021 at Base Milano_2021

-Invited talk at Alcova Milano 2021 public program_2021


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-Interni printed edition Nov 2021