Matteo: Hola Curro!

Curro: Hola Matteo!

M: One of the aspects of your work that has always interested me, is to recognize a really personal approach to your projects. Do you think that we are what we design?

C: I think that it works like in any other field, like in music, for example, there are singers that write about equality, justice or economic balance, and yet they live in a super luxurious houses. I don’t think its incompatible. The same happens in cinema, literature and so on. Of course, we do like to find this coherence between the work and the “designer”, however, I don’t think it’s necessary. In my case, for example, I live in the house of my partner, but in reality, I couldn’t afford to live in this specific house, I have no car, no kids, and if I had to afford this standard of life, I simply couldn’t do it with my economic position. In any case, I don’t have many objects in my house, not even the ones that I have designed.

M: I see! Everyone, has a different approach. Recently I was reading about Miguel Milà and most of his design are developed from his everyday personal needs.

C: Depending on the values and conditions that are behind the interest you have in making a specific thing, you can establish a much more direct
relationship between designer and object.