Born in Tokyo in 1981, Mikiya Kobayashi represents the new wave of designers in Japan. Working with national and international companies, he is not focused on the way we use the object but on the sensitivity in the perception of its designs. He is always looking for a singularity in his minimalist shaping. His line is subjective because always sensitive. He quickly answered some of my questions in between meetings, after our collaboration together with Takumi Kohgei.

Matteo: Hello Mikiya!

Mikiya: Hey Matteo!

Ma:When did you start your design career?

Mi: When I was 18, I started to study Art & Design.

Ma: Did you study in Japan?

Mi:Yes, I did at Musashino art university

“I am always thinking the balance between not only function and form but also space..”

Ma: When I set in one of your chairs it felt really good, both ergonomically and sensitive, is this what you are looking for in your objects?

Mi: If you think so, it may be my character.
I am always thinking the balance between not only function and form but also space, objects and people when I design I would like to create a design we feel comfortable.

Ma: It's easy to notice that you like to work prevalently with wood. Is there any specific reason?

Mi: By the way my first design work was made by Plastic. All materials are interesting for me. My design policy is to bring out the charm of each material.

Ma: You have a studio in Valencia, Spain, why did you choose Valencia?

Mi: Recently I am working with Spanish and French company mainly. So I wanted to open my studio in either of one of both countries. The atmosphere of city of Valencia is perfect for me and I love nature. We can go to seaside and mountain from the city easily!

Ma: Who has always inspired you during your personal growth as a designer?

Mi: Especialy Mr. Sori Yanagi, Mr. Isamu Noguchi and Mr. Motomi Kawakami. But I am always inspired by all things, any cultures and designers.

Ma: In which country of the 8 visited from CCC would you like to go?

Mi: I would like to visit all of the 8 countries!

Interview by Matteo Guarnaccia
Photography by Matteo Guarnaccia