M: How did Los Patrones were born? Can you explain us a bit the story behind? You and Juan have two different backgrounds but seems you are completely matching.

A: While I was still in BCN, one summer I came back and went to my best friend’s house to visit and Juan used to be his neighbour. So one day we started talking about what we did for a living and at the time I was still studying product design in Barcelona and when I told him this, he just responded with "well, I work in a factory and we build products" and that is how we first got to know each other.  The name Los Patrones is a tribute to the generation that came and worked before us and built the factory where we now work since without them this project wouldn’t be possible.

M: Once I visited the factory I understood the process and is much more manual than I was expecting. Ana Elena Mallet during the event at Archivo defined your work in the category "neo-artisanal". Do you think it's a good definition in which Los Patrones can be included?

A: Yeah, I think a lot of the things we build could be considered in the artisanal field but still, we have a lot of the industrial process and quality control that remain from years of manufacturing for other companies, so in a way, the term neo-artisanal applies very well.