M: Which country of the 8 that CCC will analyse would you like to explore?

C: Joder tio, India, Nigeria, Russia... I think I would go towards the culture I know less: the one that has the least relations with mine, and the most unexplored. But I think that the question is not to which country you go to, but what places you visit, and I would pick the farthest.

M: Have you ever been to any of this countries?

C: Yes I went to Japan and Brazil. Think that Japan with the Sakoku (鎖国, "closed country") closed their gates for more than 220 years, and being without relations with any other country for such a long time, maybe that's the reason that makes it so different from the rest.

“I would pick the farthest”

M: If design comes from necessity, I’m wondering if the chair is a necessity, and of course this depends on your culture, but I was doing a little research and it seems there are different theories on why the chair came to be. One of these explains how the chair comes from the need to elevate someone to a higher position, for example, kings and tribe chiefs. It is also what the Dalai Lama does, he always sits on the highest position in the room, sometimes on a few pillows, sometimes on a platform. Do you think that the chair is a necessity?

C: This makes me think about cutlery, which probably followed the same path. Once I read that the knife and fork come from hierarchical needs. The king differs from the rest using a fork or knife, therefore using something that the rest don’t have, to create a distance between him and the rest. Then, of course, over the years, people copied and it became a common practice. In any case, there are still many cultures that eat with their hands, so this hierarchy didn’t really appear or it probably appears in different expressions.