M: I feel like many young designers are proposing a design based on trend. I just got back from Milan, and at the Satellite, I saw the same shapes and materials repeated in different stands. Designers from different cultures are presenting very similar stories, and this makes me wonder how the globalization is affecting the design discipline. My generation wears the same shoes, and dances to the same music, indifferently to where we are. Of course, there are some cultures that are still very different, yet is the direction we are taking going to bring us all under the same brand?

C: Yes, I agree. We are losing it, we have to be really careful. I’m not even sure about what to say… for sure it is something that you can’t really obstruct, but you can be conscious about it. I don’t think it is easy to evaluate the weight and the importance of this development, but it certainly does have both. We can’t step over it and let it go forward pretending nothing is happening.

M: Half of this planet sits on the floor. Why do you think we all sit in different ways?

C: Remember that kids always sit on the floor, no matter which culture they are from. I also see young girls, crossing their legs over a chair, and I guess it is related to age because when they grow they probably stop doing it. It’s nice that a physiologic relationship exists. Probably some cultures didn’t follow the same steps that we did, preserving the way of sitting, but I suspect that in the beginning we probably all sat on the floor in the same way.