My interest started when I noticed that many of them used the same stool in their shelters or souvenir huts. After asking to some of them more about this stool, I finally found Alima, a young girl that spoke a little bit of English, that told me it was called “cursy”. I asked how it was spelled but she told me she did not know
how to write.

It’s impossible not noticing the presence of Bedouins around Petra, they control the transportation of tourists with donkeys and camels around the site and the numerous souvenirs huts, both inside and outside the temples and tombs. To discover more about this stool I sat down with a couple of them for a cup of tea on my way to the Ad Deir Monastery. They explained to me that is a handmade structure that is produced by a local smith in Wadi Musa, the first village next to Petra.