M: Where the naming of the exhibition come from?

U: The title of the exhibition, Igual_Mente_ Diferentes (Equally Different) plays with a double meaning:

IGUAL (EQUAL) = the needs that we all have in common
MENTE (MIND) = the reflection on how to resolve and meet these needs
DIFERENTES (DIFFERENT) = the different materials, forms and techniques used in their design.

“We covered the ground
of 14 countries”

M: Were you alone during the research phase?

U: No, I was curating the exhibition, taking decisions on what kind of objects we should include and document, and Leo Schatzla a photographer friend of mine was in charge of documenting the process, helping me during the expedition. We covered the ground of 14 countries, from November 2003 to March 2004, we went to Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Morocco, Senegal, Tanzania, India, China, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand and the Fiji Islands.