There are several movies, such as Scarface or Gomorra, that portrait the houses of the Bosses exactly like a homemade version of Versailles, with terraces, gardens, columns, a jacuzzi and swimming pools on the roof. I think it’s curious that the “real” bosses build their houses exactly like those in the movies. In Casal di Principe, close to Caserta, Walter Schiavone, one of the most well known bosses of Camorra in the 90’s, built his house  exactly like that of Tony Montana in the movie Scarface. His brother, Francesco Schiavone, is called “Sandokan”, after the character of Emilio Salgari, described as a formidable fighter, gallant pirate and ruthless with his enemies.

I assume that these  gangsters, with wide economic possibilities but usually with limited interest in culture, get inspired by a popular figure whom they think they resemble. It’s curious to make a comparison between the King and the Queen that express their power with baroque, just like the drug dealers do with m(odern)afia baroque, after almost 400 years.