M: What does the Mexican designer need to place himself on an international panorama?

J: Pay Dezeen to publish your work? Haha I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m recognized internationally. My stuff has been on a couple of blogs and stuff, especially because my website is in English. Maybe the best way is to travel, make friends and Design chairs with the.

“Maybe the best way is to travel, make friends and..” 

M: I personally like your approach to design through research and investigation. You recently started working as a teacher at the Monterrey Institute of Technology TEC, do you think that your students will adopt this process? or is this something that comes from the Eindhoven Academy?

J: They better! If not I’ll fail them. Joking aside, the great thing about working at Tec is that they are shifting from a traditional, extremely rigid educational model, into an open, challenge-based model, that is PERFECT for training designers. Designers must feel comfortable with uncertainty and this new educational model will teach them that. Today my students are focused only on having good grades. How boring! I want to teach them to love to create, to do amazing things, that’s what is important. My experience at DAE made it way too uncertain, so it was not for everybody. Definitely not for me. I’m glad I survived.

M: In which of the 8 countries of CCC would you travel and why?

J: Japan for sure. I want to find reasons for myself to go back. Also Brasil. And China.

Interview by Matteo Guarnaccia
Photography by Matteo Guarnaccia
Text review by Romy Mercedes Gad