M: Do you think globalisation is affecting design in Brazil? You don't have IKEA here, it was interesting to see the reaction of people when I asked them about it.

B: I get into a  depression when I'm not here and I walk into an  IKEA, everything looks good and it's really cheap and I ask myself what I am doing with my life and my projects. Here in Brazil we don't have it, for sure there is more space for designers in the market, but we still have other options similar to IKEA’s position in the market. Here it’s not saturated like Europe, the studios have space to propose their work and collections. I feel like in Milan, for example, they are always proposing the same things, just adjusting the colours and making a ‘new collection’, year after year. I think that the evolution of design is in the materials, in Milan I have seen some really interesting things, but I wish it was more than just sometimes.