M: What do you think is the Brazilian Stereotype? I think t it could be the Carnival no?

B: Yes the "carne-val" (meat) hahaha for sure the sex appeal, but I think the music is one of the most important things for us.

M: As a young designer I have to admit that the idea of  coming to live here has crossed my mind, Brazil is one of the economically rising,  and growing countries in the world, maybe there is more opportunity here than in saturated Europe for a designer? What do you think?

B: I don't think it's a good moment to move to Brazil and start a career here. We have a crisis here, it's hard to find a working place as a designer in a studio, if you work as a an entrepreneur it is for sure easier, you have to be the boss of yourself, designing, promoting and selling yourself. It's not impossible, because I have done it, but surely it's not easy. It's a "new" country, there is still space for new expression unlike Europe, it's just not that easy to make it profitable.